NEXPRINT™ Direct Mail

Direct Mail Works

Even in today’s digital world, direct mail can still have impact as a component of your overall marketing efforts.  Studies show that most people  still read direct mail that is sent to them and that people ages 18-34 actually prefer getting information about products and services via traditional mail. The tangible, tactile nature of physical mailings adds credibility to your message while making it easy to keep around for future reference.

  • Every Door Direct Mail

    Get more out of the US Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail program with NEXPRINT by Intellimarq. Not only can we help you easily create and send effective and economic mailers to your target market, but we can integrate advanced NEXPRINT features that increase response rates and make follow-up cheaper, easier, and more effective.

  • Every Door Direct Mail

  • Postcard Mailers

    NEXPRINT postcards are a great option for direct mail marketing. They’re inexpensive, cost less in postage, and they arrive with your message immediately visible – no opening needed. Postcards are great for general brand awareness, introducing products, promoting sales, and driving traffic to your website. Adding advanced NEXPRINT technology lets you customize your message to your customers, give them easy ways to respond to your offers, and track your success.

  • Postcard Mailer

NEXPRINT™ makes direct mail more effective

The way your postman delivers the mail may not have changed much in the last decade, but advancements in marketing technology mean that your direct mail campaign can be more effective and measurable than ever. With NEXPRINT direct mail, you can send customized mail pieces to every address on your mailing list without commissioning separate print jobs. Combine that with Intellimarq’s web technology, and your customers can each respond to their own personalized URL – a technique that has been shown to boost both response and return on investment.

Integrate Intellimarq marketing tools like 2D barcodes, SMS shortcodes, and NEXFONE tracking numbers with your direct mail piece, and your marketing becomes engaging to your audience and highly trackable for you.

  • NEXPRINT Personalization

    Every one of your customers and prospects is a unique individual. So why would you send the same direct mail piece to them all? With NEXPRINT personalization technology, you can send different versions of the same mailing to different customer segments within the same campaign. Data from Caslon & Co. shows that personalized direct mail campaigns get 50 – 100% more responses than generic direct mail campaigns. Add NEXPRINT Personalization to your next campaign for increased profitability.

  • NEXPRINT Landing Pages

    Give your customers the ability to follow up online with NEXPRINT landing pages. A landing page can increase response rate and give you the ability to track leads and follow up quickly. Combine landing pages with NEXPRINT personalization technology, and you can send your customers to landing pages tailored specifically to them, reinforcing the customized message they received in the mail.

  • NEXPRINT Landing Pages

  • NEXPRINT + NEXFONE = Results

    Integrate NEXFONE technologies like mobile landing pages, tracking numbers, and text message shortcodes to your next NEXPRINT direct mail campaign to generate even better results. Mobile is growing quickly, and more and more of your customers want the ability to interact with you with their mobile device. Get your message in front of them with NEXPRINT direct mail and let them respond on your NEXFONE number, web page, or text message service.

  • Hand with Cell phone